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No Excuses: Get Your Weekend Workouts In | Fox2now.com

Better get your workout in first. Arthur Shivers III is the owner of Generation 3 Fitness in Hazelwood. He says there are no excuses for skipping a weekend workout. GSG Fitness Studio
Source: http://fox2now.com/2015/02/01/no-excuses-get-your-weekend-workouts-in/

Before Malcolm Butler's heroics, he looked to be victim of another great Super Bowl catch against the Patriots - Yahoo Sports

Restarting the app and replaying the game were necessary to move on to the next cognitive challenge. Free version comes with limitations: To enjoy premium daily workouts with 15 games on your mobile device that adapt to your sites skill level, you have to upgrade to Lumosity Premium for $15/month or $80/year. Bottom Line In terms of its concept and execution, Lumosity outshines most other brain training programs, contending with Elevate for the title of best cognitive training app for Android. It's a remarkably well-made, bright little app that keeps your mind sharp without becoming a time sink.
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/lumosity-review-062711061.html

Lumosity review - Yahoo News

And when quarterback Russell Wilson cocked his arm back, aiming at Ricardo Lockette, Butler had already broken hard on the route. [ Super Bowl XLIX finish turns ugly after brawl ] Teammates would say later that this kind of thing makes a player great. And it really excites you when it's a rookie. When a guy can go from the most crushing play of his life, then have the guts to attack a route with total abandon only a play or two later this is special. As safety Devin McCourty said of Butler, this kind of ability shows "the guy doesn't know moments." What that means is, Butler can function at a high level without feeling the weight of what is happening.
Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/before-malcolm-butler-s-heroics--he-looked-to-be-victim-of-another-great-super-bowl-catch-against-the-patriots--073140101.html

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